The 'Cosmo' Moon Pet Tag
The 'Cosmo' Moon Pet Tag
The 'Cosmo' Moon Pet Tag
The 'Cosmo' Moon Pet Tag

The 'Cosmo' Moon Pet Tag

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This tag is part of the new premium range of hand crafted pet tags. Each tag is cut by hand then filed and hand sanded to achieve the correct finish.



  • Choose the size of your tag in the 'Size' menu.
  • Choose either Brass, Copper or Nickel from the 'Materials' menu.
  • Choose the contact information you wish to have stamped on your tag and select it from the 'Contact Information' menu. **Please note that we are only able to stamp ONE phone number on the back of a 20mm tag**
  • Decide on a font from the options available (for 25mm, 30mm, 35mm tags only).

Once you have created your design, please leave the following information in the notes section of your cart when ordering:

Name of Pet:
Font No:
Contact Info (as selected):



  • 20mm - design may change slightly due to the small size of this tag. Please note that this size tag comes with the small sans serif font.
  • 25mm 
  • 30mm
  • 35mm


  • Copper (Rose Gold Colour) 
  • Brass (Gold Colour) 
  • Nickel (Silver Colour)

All tags come with a stainless steel split ring.



Please ensure that your shipping address is CORRECT at the time of order.
If your order is placed with an incorrect address please message us ASAP, we can print a different shipping label. In some cases your order will ship the same day, so please double check your address at checkout.

As each item is individually hand crafted with love there might be slight differences to the one pictured above.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and will only send out tags that make us 100% happy!