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Hello friends,

Welcome to the blog space for The Barking Tagsmith.

We are Rachel & Brendon, the owners of The Barking Tagsmith. 

We met in Melbourne, Australia in 2018, when I was working at a law firm and Brendon was working for the local Council. Our lives were intertwined with the love of our cats Lily & Skittles and it wasn’t long before we introduced Lenny to our little blended family. Having always been passionate about animals and having had pets throughout our lives it made sense to jump into the pet market.

Sick of working for the man, Brendon decided to take a leap of faith and started our business, from a small storage unit in Cliffton Hill. It started with bow ties and bandanas however quickly turned into hand stamped pet tags once he realised there was a niche in the market for tags in Australia. While Brendon’s stamping skills improved, we moved the operation to our one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Melbourne. I quickly followed suit and quit my job, joining Brendon full time in growing our business.

In April of 2019, we decided to leave Australia and move to Brendon’s motherland, New Zealand.  By time we settled in NZ, our business had grown enough that we could take it to the next level.

THE BARKING TAGSMITH was then introduced to the world!

With appearances at The Pet & Animal Expo’s around the Country we also become the premier pet tag Company in New Zealand. Our exclusive designs ensuring that we name was circulating and the pets of world had never looked better.

Today, our workshop is located in Rotorua, which is a beautiful place to seek inspiration for many of our designs.  We love creating new designs and testing our products on our little cat family; Lily, Skittles, Tripod, Jenny & Boris.


Rachel & Brendon


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