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20mm/Small Sizes - Perfect for cats or small dogs
25mm/Medium Sizes - Perfect for small to medium dogs
30mm/ Large Sizes - Perfect for medium to large dogs
35mm - Perfect for larger dogs
If you are unsure what size tag would best suit your pet, please get in contact with us at



To get the most out of your tag you will need to give it a little love every now and again. Follow these easy tips to make sure your tag looks super shiny and new all the time!


It is perfectly normal for copper and brass will tarnish/darken over time, this is a natural process that cannot be stopped. If you prefer the shiny new look for your tags there are many methods of cleaning available.

One easy at home option is to use tomato sauce/ketchup on your tag, this can help remove the tarnishing and restore the shine! Simply dip your tag in tomato sauce for up to 10 seconds and then wipe away. Any stubborn marks can be removed using fine steel wool or synthetic steel wool (000 grade). Metal polishers such as Brasso can also be used to give them an extra shine (optional). 

If the black ink has faded from the design/lettering simply use a heavy-duty sharpie marker to fill in the lettering and wipe away the excess. Any stubborn excess can be removed with a polishing cloth or cleaning alcohol. 


For engraved tags with a full black front, using a spare toothbrush (or something similar), lightly scrub the front of the tag to remove any dirt or dust. Fine steel wool or synthetic steel wool (000 or 0000 grade) can use used lightly to help remove any dirt. We recommend a gentle approach as this can cause fading to the black colour over time (engraving will never come out however).

The back of the tag can be cleaned with fine steel wool or synthetic steel wool (000 or 0000 grade). You can follow up with a polishing pad to make it really pop.


Please take care when attaching the tag to your collar. You should ensure that the spilt rings are not stretched too far apart, as this can cause the tag to come off in the future.

To prevent any marks when attaching the spilt rings, a small piece of type can be applied over the hole (on both sides).

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our contact page.


The S-Biner tag clips are a reliable way to attach your tag to your pets collar
without the use of split rings.

We recommend using the tag lock for maximum security.